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Join ChewTheFatOff here. CTFO is where your residual income comes from. You will never incur any fees to remain an active CTFO business owner. There is no cost to join, nor to get paid from any referral purchases.


3Steppers.com FREE MLM Business Opportunity Builder


After you join ChewTheFatOff, if you are confident in your promotion skils, have a large contact list, or are good at social media sharing, put it together and begin getting your CTFO links out there in front of people. This is why the CTFO free home business is powerful. Those of you that are organized with contacts can basically generate sales "out of thin air" in a way that leads to a residual income passively, and your entire customer network will grow exponentially over time.


If you aren't good at these things, start learning now. Meanwhile, click here and log in. Under Order and Enroll > click on Place Order Now. That is the ChewTheFatOff Store. There you will see the complete CTFO product line. Scroll down and purchase the 70 Online Visitors + 1 Free Product at minimum, which is promotion of your CTFO business. Choose between Super7 or ChewOff.


This is not cheap traffic exchange or safelist traffic...


These are high quality, on-the-fly PPC queries, or received an email with your CTFO lead capture page and opted in for more info. Real people taking a tour and/or joining in real time. You will be sent their contact info when this occurs. A follow up series of 12 emails will be sent on your behalf to tourists, with your join link, over a 60 day period. All of this, complete with a contact manager, is already set up for you for no additional cost. Free forever, accessible right from your CTFO backoffice.


While your CTFO Online Visitors campaign is being set up, set up your own promotional campaign. Get organized with your contacts and begin putting a strategy for sharing your links with them. Get on a pattern of one to two new CTFO referrals every single day and watch sales start to happen. We are trial and erroring our way to the top, enrolling CTFO members along the way. Consistency and persistence always wins!


Online Visitors begin delivery in 5 to 7 days. These CTFO Online Visitors are optional.


3Steppers.com FREE MLM Business Opportunity Builder


Go under View My Team > My Genealogy in your CTFO backoffice and personally welcome your new team members!


This is the step that will make the biggest difference. Send them a personal welcome with your contact info. Get out of your comfort zone, pick up the phone and surprise them with a call. They are joining because you referred them. Share with them that they came from a Online Visitors package and nudge a purchase. Customer contact is crucial for long-term success.



In the 3Steppers members area we help you with follow up and support for your referrals!


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